Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s top oil exporter and producer. Saudi Arabia produces around 10.1  million barrels per day and maintains the world’s largest crude oil production capacity. Saudi  Arabia’s  economy  is  petroleum-based;  Oil accounts  for  90%  of  the country’s exports and nearly 75% government  revenues.  Saudi Arabia, has  one  of the largest reserves of natural gas in the gulf and is prioritizing upstream gas investment.

Synergy International works closely with major Oil & Gas customers in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wherein we effectively handle activities related to Upstream and Downstream sectors which include exploration, production, chemical engineering, transfer of oil and gas technological solutions. We have enhanced our local expertise through our partners around the world and local collaboration. At the forefront of our field, our business continues to branch out into all areas of oil & gas industry.

Synergy International is here to serve our customers and provide world-class services and products, with environmental awareness and considerations always at the forefront.