SYNERGY INTERNATIONAL Water Division, we provide the vital link between manufacturer and customer. We provide total solutions to our customers’ needs. Water is a scarcity in Saudi Arabia and thus we focus on innovative products and solutions that help in achieving more and more efficiency for our clients. With the deep knowledge of our employees in the Saudi Market, we are able to allocate the specific needs in the network and focus on a new solutions.

While Synergy International keeps its focus on Product procurement and supply to the water utilities like SWCC , NWC and its associate contracting bodies; it continues to seek opportunities and partnership to expand and develop its circle of service which surpass supply and diversify into other specializations too. Currently, the major items procured by our clients include Pumps, Valves, Flow Meters, Fluid Control Equipment, Chemical Additives. Our selection of products is based on the requirement of the industry and potential scope in future which our team ensures to identify by regularly studying the market and interacting with relevant governing bodies of the sector.