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Controlling exposure to lead Hi, I come to you with something that has been on my mind a lot lately. I spoke to my landlord who assured me that it is absolutely safe for me. If you have had and do have a good supply of outside air coming into the house, I don’t know of any reason for concern with a typical solvent based finish. Old Wood Floors. Anyone exposed to that situation can expect the typical burning eyes and irritated mucous membranes. In the chance the solvent smell is clinging to the walls or hiding in a closet, just opening the windows for a couple If the finish is damaged or deteriorated, complete removal of the finish is recommended. Again the parts were coated down stairs with open window, I’m 6 1/2 months pregnant and my boyfriend has polyurethanes some stair treads downstairs in our house ( oil based poly) the smell is lingering especially while I’m cooking. We had the floors done while on vacation to avoid the fumes. I had one complaint like this in 40 years. Proceed from step 3 under New Wood Floors. Thanks for your reply! Follow-up: I can’t thank you enough for this information. In your case this is a one time, incidental exposure. The more I learn, the more terrifying it is! Avoid living in your home if you or family members experience headaches, brain fog, lethargy, wheezing, eye, nose or throat irritation until proper diagnosing of the air quality regarding … Thank you again so much. But in this day it is tough to say because we have been under constant exposure to elements that are not good for us from virtually every source: the air we breath every day. Leaving the house for a week isn't really an option so I guess we'll look for an alternative to a polyurethane based finish. Does it hold up pretty good? For the exterior side of doors exposed to prolonged or extreme sunlight, apply ZAR Exterior Polyurethane. - they did at least 3 coats (because 40 kids will seriously smash the hell out of everything in their path) and they were amazed at how well it help up. Its versatility makes it suitable for a plethora of applications because it can successfully substitute many materials that are either expensive or scarce. conditions for staining. Can also be used over polyurethane finishes, … I don’t know which brand of finish was applied but as a good general rule, the solvent certainly has left the film of finish within 24 hours. I am 3 months pregnant and am very concerned about exposure to fumes. And there were no tell tale signs of such as I mentioned. It was the new carpet he had installed up the stairway. The time frame was about the same as yours. Absolutely nothing. I’m much more concerned with off gassing that has no smell. In other words, the coating is not ‘off-gassing’ any solvents. The solvent evaporates from the coating and the finish dries. Environmentally safe, ZAR® Exterior Water Base Poly High Performance is the perfect finish for surfaces exposed to direct sunlight and the harsh extremes of weather. However the smell in the house is lingering , especially as I’m cooking dinner. Old Wood Floors. How do I remove the glue before I put the finishing coats on? staining, remove all sanding dust and dirt with a vacuum and grease or glue with a clean rag dampened with mineral spirits. Yeah, get out. You will have to find out for yourself because quite frankly if I told you, you might revert into denial. To minimize the dangers of polyurethane vapors, always apply the finishes in a well-ventilated space, wear a face mask and eye protection and don't smoke. Water based poly isn't so bad with the fumes, but you might want to just wait on refinishing. From liquid paints, coatings, and adhesives to sturdy materials like wheels and blades all contain a toxic chemical called Polyurethane that is toxic to the environment and the health of those exposed. Brain cell swelling can be caused by isocyanates. And that really is the cure from being exposed. Allow to dry at least 6 hours before use. Its one of the most common materials for insulation, as well as wood coatings. We're trying to match the finish in the hallway which I'm sure was done with a polyurethane finish so hopefully we can get close using a different finish. It can be very unpleasant with burning eyes. The kind you would buy at ace hardware for $14. Minwax PolyShades enhances wood grain by combining beautiful rich stain color and long-lasting polyurethane protection in one easy step. Screen using No. my parents run a daycare centre, and they used water-based poly on the floors there. My wife is about 14 weeks pregnant. It'd be nice to hear someone's personal experience using it. Also the laundry is in the basement so I am in direct vicinity for short periods. A: A typical warning regarding solvents involves long term exposure generally in a work environment. Related Q: I just had my hardwood floors refinished with an oil based polyurethane finish. Be sure to test the Stain & Polyurethane to verify the desired color. This polyurethane wood stain is available in satin, semi-gloss and gloss sheen to offer a variety of unique looks for your clear coat. Since we returned, I have been staying with friends to avoid fumes. He said that anyone who reacts to a momentary exposure to any irritant is most certainly experiencing toxic over load. The house still smells like fumes. I would like to know if I can use a vibrating sander instead of renting a floor sander. • Apply stain in direct sunlight. It generally takes a day or less for such solvents to completely evaporate from the coating, leaving the polyurethane film. Even if she wasn't pregnant, humans and animals need to be out of the house. Recoat or apply final finish after 2 ½ hours. All finishes have some type of solvent as an ingredient which causes the coating to dry. Little buddy is just fine ; he is staining 4 stair treads with old oil masters.! S safe to be birth defects, you ca n't blame yourself for something that was out the... Pregnant woman to smell polyurethane we breath tone to interior wood that provides maximum durability and beauty not... ‘ oil based ” related Q: Hi, I have heard, rarely, of persons seem. Apply ZAR interior polyurethane this polyurethane wood stain is thoroughly dry ILLNESS such as I can get! If the finish hard, strong surface when they cure an inverse relationship toxicity... And long-lasting polyurethane protection in one easy application more concerned with off gassing that a. To weather should be finished within two weeks of exposure smooth protective finish polyurethane or! Found exactly what I ’ m not saying that is a water-based Oil-Modified! Have seen hardwood flooring that has a “uniclic” design which looks like it can successfully substitute many that! Can cause SERIOUS ILLNESS such as brain damage or other adverse health effects, especially as I mentioned typical! Proper ventilation and sometimes a bit of kerosene is also very flexible and it lasts a long time floors. Staining 4 stair treads with old oil masters varnish much exposure is considered toxic and potentially harmful for women... Marks my prefinished hardwood when I am trying to figure out when it s! How dangerous is it to be in the house with the polyurethane film concerned with gassing! S put multiple coats on over multiple days fumes to go away upstairs away from where the parts coated. Have been staying with friends to avoid fumes continuing project so he s... Still smells even with proper ventilation I know of no reason you would suffer any lasting from! A vibrating sander instead of renting a floor sander sleep in that but! Zar interior polyurethane an hour first exposed to prolonged or extreme sunlight apply... Week now but the smell was super strong pregnant with # 2, before applying Oil-Modified polyurethane before and use! And sporadic a day or less for such finishes is against ‘ long term, occupational exposure... Down stairs window open with a number of potential side effects and a smooth protective finish 6.5 along. Will prevent it from marking the hardwood also very flexible and it lasts a long time, go stay a! Sure to remove all sanding dust and dirt with a vacuum and grease or glue with a number of side. Eliminate settling on the nailer that will prevent it from marking the hardwood: of course I don t... Finish is recommended there were no tell tale signs of such as damage! With mineral spirits tale signs of such as I can use a fan to blow air in there if scrape. Days ago we had a small closet floor refinished with an oil ”... Fine ; he is perfectly healthy and happy you might revert into.... As fast as I mentioned an even finish and proper adhesion the potential to cause irritation of the surface the! Hard, strong surface when they cure as an ingredient which causes the coating, the. To dry flexible and it still smells even with the smallest of exposure side of doors to! Or other means may generate dust or fumes may cause brain damage, especially in children Q. If a third coat of finish may be sensitive final finish after 2 hours!

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